52 Families #51

I am having a hard time putting this one into only a paragraph or two. Errolyn and I took the Train out to Sag Harbour today and I started writing on the train about how I know this family. I only have a few days left here and I wanted to get a jump on it.
I met Chris over 22 years ago and there is a lot to say.  In 1989  I lived in San Francisco for a few years and Chis was one of my roommates.  I stayed in SF for two years before moving to Los Angeles to attend Art Center.  Chris had a lot to do with that decision actually - he left for the east coast to attend the Yale School of Drama and I figured if he was going to do that for acting why shouldn’t I do something like that for photography.

The acting thing totally worked out for him and now I get to see him almost every week on HBO’s True Blood. If you're not already a fan you should totally watch it. It’s scary sexy goodstuff. Chris isn’t the only one in this family of four with a successful career in the theater. Laura is a broadway costume designer and has worked with David Mamet for years. She works in film and television too but I do love to say “Broadway”. 

It was a crisp and sunny day and a lovely way to end the year.  Spending time with old friends and photographing the Bauers, Chris, Laura, Beau and Mercy.

Please leave a comment below with your photo choice between these two shots.



Anonymous said...

ahh yes! SF days with Heather and Marc...916 Haight! How could any of us forget.
This is a great family to add in at end of year and sounded like a fun, thoughtful trip!
I like the second pic I think. Just they way they each are cuddling a child. Very protective feel with the flag in the background. Can't wait for family 52! And next year's West Coast edition!! xoxo ....hmmm...perhaps you take this nationwide!?!

Jilann O'Neill said...

umm...that wasn't supposed to be anonymous...that's me, Jilann!

Lespill said...

I agree! The cuddling and the American flag make the second photo my favorite!

Emily Jenkins said...

Number two. Especially for the close of your BOOK, having the American flag there is really nice and adds an element of closure, since every family we've seen, all the mixed families, melting pots, new immigrants and long ago immigrants -- it's America, baby! In your photos.

Kyra said...

I prefer the layout of photo #1 by far. I like the flag cut off, the closer view of the family, and the poses of each person in the family look more interesting to me than the zoomed out shot. I can see I'm in the minority though!