52 Families #52

Last day of the year and today we took the Weston Daley portrait.  Running back and forth trying to take this photo on self-timer was pretty funny.  It reminded me of my dad taking our family photo for the annual Christmas card when I was growing up.  I’m especially remembering matching overalls my sister and I were wearing once. I’ll have to find that gem and post it.

I talk a lot about Errolyn and how we know basically everyone in our neighborhood because we have this rockin nine year old living with us but  I may have have been remiss in mentioning that I also live with a Brit.  My husband Peter Daley is a Burnley FC fan.  Burnley is a small town in northeast Lancashire.  He is even wearing the club shirt in the photo below. "The Clarets" won their game today so he is happyish.  Monday they play Leeds away so he really needs your good vibes this January 2nd, if you think of it.

I want to thank everyone who followed along and participated in 52 Families.  I even had some of my family portrait clients make it into the line up!  Next year, book early.

It wasn’t always easy, and I’m bummed I wasn’t able to include a gazillion more folks but, I’m certainly not done photographing families. 

Happy New Year and please enjoy a walk through this photographic essay, a glimpse into the American home.  I have a whole new project lined up for 2012, so check in soon!

It's me! Heather Weston with my family, Peter and Errolyn Daley.

Weston Daley


Kathleen said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations on a delivering an amazing project. How we get a coffee table book made of this??

Michael Brian said...

and this is the best one of ALL!!! Happy New Year Miss Weston. All the best to you and ur crew!

Anonymous said...

How come the two kitties (& the fish) aren't included in the family photo?