52 Families #50

Maybe it’s Christmas time or maybe it's because this project is almost over, but I am posting three images from my photo session with the Mayron Kings. If you have a leaning towards one image over the other please place a comment below and let me know which you like best.

Gale is the owner of Jao and since I have known about her products I am rarely without my Goe Oil.  Lucky for us too, a few seasons ago she developed a few products that smell really good and keep the mosquitoes away. Errolyn gets really bad reactions to the dreaded mozzie bites and now I can’t imagine a summer without Outscent and Patio Oil. If you are in Brooklyn you can get Jao products at GRDN and Exit 9 but she sells worldwide so you are in luck wherever you are.

Please meet Gale Mayron, Seth King, Hudson and Jake Mayron-King.

Jao blog too!  By the way, the Giants won 29-14.

Mayron King

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