Black & White Portraits in the Glass House

Lucien Zayan

Errolyn Daley

Tad Hills


It's a bit funny to me because I took this photo of Lucien first. I said to both of us at the time. Hold on, the light is too contrasty, it's not flattering. Let's wait for the clouds to cover over and we'll have open shade. Well, dang it! I love this one now.  The other three of Errolyn, Tad and Ryan are nice but captured with open shade.  What a totally different feeling.  I have some others of Lucien that are more flattering of him but for now, I like this one which shows a bit more character.

 I took the photos because I wanted to capture something very different from what I have up now in The Glass House.

By the way this coming weekend April 11th and 12th are the last days of my show. I will be at the gallery Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 7pm so if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, stop by and say hi.

More Mayron King

Trying to switch over to using Tumblr. Don't want to have to post twice though! I need to put a map together of all the social media up keep I need to do. The press for the show has been awesome and the articles have been linking here so for now Im into the double time. I love it and I love these shots of the Mayron Kings. 

AT HOME a photographic exhibition

The Invisible Dog, March 8 to April 12, 2014

Please join us for an
Opening Reception Saturday, March 8th, 6 to 10PM 
AT Home will open The Invisible Dog's spring season.  Installed in The Glass House, At Home is comprised of a series of images from 2011 by the Brooklyn-based photographer Heather Weston.  The project began as an exploration of how Weston's friends and neighbors inhabited their spaces - wether grand or small - and was born of her own experience with the challenges of living within 450 square feet.  It evolved into a unique document of the way we live now, capturing the diversity of the modern definition of family, and showcasing many different interpretations of personal style.

The Invisible Dog is located at 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11201. They are open Thursday to Saturday 1PM to 7PM and Sunday 1PM to 5PM. Tel. 347-560-3641 

It's all about the Kickstarter

Okay, for the next few weeks it's all about the Kickstarter.  I'm having a solo show of my work in the Glass House at The Invisible Dog in March.  The show is called AT HOME and is the result of the project 52 Families I featured here on the blog in 2011. Not sure if all 52 families will be printed and that's one of the reasons I'm torturing you all with a Kickstarter campaign. So go check it out, watch the video, read up on all the cool rewards, contribute and then share with your network. Then we can all have a fun time at the opening!  More info coming your way about the show but its going to be March and in Brooklyn and totally fun.
 You can find it here. the Heather Weston AT HOME Kickstarter page.

Here are some shots from 2011 that were not featured in the original blog posts. Out takes if you will, but good ones!

Jann Cheifitz of Lucky Fish

This week I went to the Lucky Fish Studio to photograph Jann Cheifitz.  I love Lucky Fish and Jann's flair for color and texture.