Dogs of New York

I am super excited about my next project. Dogs of New York! I am hitting the streets of New York City to meet the dogs and the people who love them. My daughter Errolyn has been asking me on a weekly basis if we can get a dog since she was about 3 years old. We still don't have a dog but I have a camera and I figured we could go out and meet some sweet pups and see how they are getting on in the city. I am going to spend the next few months trying to photograph as many dogs in as many different parts of the city I can, that means all the boroughs. We are going to put it all together and make a great NY Dogs book that will be available in the Fall of 2017. So, If you have a dog or know of a great dog or dogs! Send them my way. I'll see you at the dog park. hw


Melia Marden

I love this restaurant and what better way to meet the chef and owner Melia Marden than getting the chance to photograph her restaurant, The Smile. Here is the layout from Shape Magazine.

DANCE DANCE DANCE and get ready for Summer

If you are auditioning for ballet summer intensives this year you will be needing a headshot and some dance poses for your ballerina.

Here is a short list of Summer Intensives with links for you to consider.
Alphabetical order! Have fun.

Bolshoi,  Boston Ballet, BAE
Ellison Ballet
Gelsey Kirkland
Houston Ballet
Irina & Maxim
Kaatsbaan, Kirov
Manhattan Youth Ballet
The Royal Ballet School  (Now closed for 2015 summer applicants)
SAB, San Francisco Ballet

For bookings and other inquiries, e-mail 

Made in Brooklyn with Jomart

Michael from Jomart

I am working on a new project. A book about Brooklyn Food and Drink makers. I have been working on it now for a few months and it has been such a great adventure.  The book will be coming out next Fall and will be published by Power House Books.  I am working with two writers, Melissa Vaughan and Susanne Konig.  Getting to know these ladies has also been super fun. I will start posting some of the out takes here and writing a little behind the scenes diary so I can remember  this ride.

We have visited just over 60 makers already so I better get a move on.  This image above is Michael, he owns Jomart. They make chocolates and other candy treats. When we were there he was making brittle with coffee and coco nibs. Not together but two different brittles and they were both to die for.  This job has not been great for my diet but great for the taste buds. In this photo of Michael he is leaning on his grandfathers mixer. Wait. It may have been his fathers mixer. When I am taking the pics I am not always listening so carefully so I may make stuff up sometimes. I am not however missing the details of how awesome Michael is and his brittle!

On Set - The Fortress of Solitude

Daniel Aukin
Daniel Aukin taking a moment while directing the new musical The Fortress of Solitude in previews now at The Public Theater.

Show info below but you should go now to their site and secure your tickets. the show runs until November 2nd. You might want to see it twice.

THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE:   Conceived and directed by Daniel Aukin (Bad Jews, 4000 Miles), based on the acclaimed novel by Jonathan Lethem, the soaring new musical The Fortress of Solitude makes its World Premiere at The Public this fall with a dynamite creative team including composer/lyricist Michael Friedman (Love’s Labour’s LostBloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) and bookwriter Itamar Moses (“Boardwalk Empire,” The Four of Us). The Fortress of Solitude is the extraordinary coming-of-age story about 1970s Brooklyn and beyond — of black and white, soul and rap, block parties and blackouts, friendship and betrayal, comic books and 45s. And the story of what would happen if two teenagers obsessed with superheroes believed that maybe, just maybe, they could fly…  Starring Adam Chanler-Berat, Kevin Mambo, Kyle Beltrand and Andre DeShields.