52 Families #49

Last year I bought a bunch of copies of Zinester’s Guide to NYC written by Ayun Halliday and gave them out as holiday gifts. I knew Ayun was a clever and intriguing person and then I read some of her stuff and holy cow she is hilarious too! I suggest a Google search. You will then find out she is married to Greg Kotis, the playwright and when she had her first baby she gave up acting but replaced that with writing and publishing a wonderfully hand written and illustrated zine called East Village Inky. You can and should get a subscription, as soon as I’m done writing this I’m going to get a subscription myself. Anyway, there is much interesting info about how they met while in a theater troupe together and they lived in a tiny apartment in the east village while waiting for things to happen.  Then Greg wrote the musical Urinetown and it went all the way to Broadway!  I’m sure a bunch of other stuff happened and at some point they moved to Brooklyn.

A few years ago I met Ayun on a street corner in our Brooklyn Village and today, on Christmas Eve I went to her place and met he rest of the family properly. I’m glad I did,  please meet family #49, Ayun Halliday, Greg, Milo and India Kotis.

Haliday Kotis

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Mail Lady of Beam Camp said...

We are delighted to be in such august company. This photo is like our upside down airplane stamp - that's how rare it is to find all 5 of us together, no one pulling a fab fck up the foto face!