52 Families #33

I have been having the hardest time writing this week’s entry. I was going to tell a story about backyard grapefruit baseball and living in a grubby almost- mansion with five guys in LA. I say mansion because compared to the 450 square foot apartment we live in currently it was a mansion. I mean, we each had our own room and there were 6 of us! Anyhow, This is the time when I met Michael Pollock. He was working at a bookstore, I was at Art Center, and we hung out with a crowd that called themselves Twenty Nothings.  That was 20 years ago and today we are both on the East Coast. Michael and his wife Tanya Hamilton live in Philadelphia with their funny, sassy five-year old daughter. Their house is old and evocative, in a part of the city that makes it easy to imagine life as it may have been when photographers were using glass plates.  

Michael and Tanya are both writers. Tanya also directs and her first feature film Night Catches Us came out last year to critical acclaim.  Pete and I went to a premier at BAM and truly enjoyed the evening. It is a beautifully directed and photographed period piece dealing with the black power movement in 1976.

In this photo Michael is standing in front of a painting by Christopher Payne. I love how the painting adds depth to the room, plus it reminds me of Los Angeles.
Pollock Hamlton

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