52 Families #32

We met the Kirk Salazars when the girls were in the same Pre K class.  We made a lot of lasting friends that year.  It is such a reminder to me how Errolyn is growing up so differently than I did.  My father was in the Marine Corps which meant moving every few years.  Now I have been living in the same neighborhood for the past nine years. Errolyn has been at the same school all this time.  So this familiarity that I have come to know is new in my life and the norm for Errolyn.

Not only have I worked with Amanda at Parents Magazine where she is an Art Director, Pete worked for Francisco in a fine art storage warehouse a few years ago and since the kids have had a few lemonade stands together I guess we could say they have worked together too. Please meet this fierce family of three - Amanda, Francisco and Sophia Kirk Salazar with their cat Molly.
Kirk Salazar

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