Made in Brooklyn with Jomart

Michael from Jomart

I am working on a new project. A book about Brooklyn Food and Drink makers. I have been working on it now for a few months and it has been such a great adventure.  The book will be coming out next Fall and will be published by Power House Books.  I am working with two writers, Melissa Vaughan and Susanne Konig.  Getting to know these ladies has also been super fun. I will start posting some of the out takes here and writing a little behind the scenes diary so I can remember  this ride.

We have visited just over 60 makers already so I better get a move on.  This image above is Michael, he owns Jomart. They make chocolates and other candy treats. When we were there he was making brittle with coffee and coco nibs. Not together but two different brittles and they were both to die for.  This job has not been great for my diet but great for the taste buds. In this photo of Michael he is leaning on his grandfathers mixer. Wait. It may have been his fathers mixer. When I am taking the pics I am not always listening so carefully so I may make stuff up sometimes. I am not however missing the details of how awesome Michael is and his brittle!

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