52 Families #40

I often talk about PS261 as though I’m a student there.  When we first started there, correction – when Errolyn first started there, the Pre-K teachers asked the parents to do an art project.  We were asked to make paper doll self-portraits.  Ms. Vivian remarked that she and the other teachers had never seen parents get so involved in a project.  You would have thought we were being graded on our work, if you could have seen the way the parents took to that glue and passed those scissors.  Monet himself would have been proud. 

One Dad stands out in my memory, but I didn’t know his name.  He was just The Hilarious Guy who made his Paper Doll-Self Wearing Shorts.  Funny thing is, Pete also made his paper doll wearing shorts. For that whole first year, when he would come up in conversation, he was That Guy, remember that funny one, whose paper doll was wearing shorts? And Pete would know who I was talking about.
Turns out he is a lawyer.  And his name is Curt Iiams.  Huh, who knew?

If you were at 261’s Spring Bash last year. Sheila Iiams is the one who made the Lumpia, which are Filipino Egg Rolls, my favorite!

Curt, Sheila, Isa and Santiago Iiams


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