52 Families #39

Jerry Piper. 

I first met Jerry at Boerum Hill Food Company. He may or may not have been the PTA Co-Presidnet at the time. He was friends with another Dad Bill Moree.  Bill is the photographer  who told me all about the Gary Fong. It’s 50 bucks, it looks like a take out container and you put it on your flash. I have two of them now and the funny thing is I use them all the time. I even watched the video the containers came with.  Every once in a while I can totally geek out on photo gear.

Boerum Hill Food Company was the hang out place after drop off and that’s where I met Jerry along with most of the other 261 parents. If I go back through all of these portraits I’ve taken so far I’m sure half were BHFC regulars.  BHFC is another topic of conversation all together and I better stop talking about it because I’m not entirely over the loss.  

Okay, moving on, Jerry was the Co-President along with family #15 George Sanchez and a year or two after that he became our Parent Coordinator. How awesome! We have a good amount of dad involvement in our school and it kinda rocks.
Nina and Jerry, like a lot of New York parents know this city is an amazing place to raise a family.

Jerry, Nina, Avery, Violet and Miles Piper


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