52 Families # 26

Carmelo the Science Fellow!  I live in Boerum Hill Brooklyn and I have a 9 year old. This pretty much means I know the Marshmallow Man and at least half of you following this blog do too. Let's face it, he's awesome; your kids love him and you've probably waited in line at 5AM in a wintery January wind to get your your little lovies a much sought after spot in the Cosmic Cove summer camp. 
Errolyn and her friend Ivy started the science fun with Karen when they were 3 years old. Not only is Carmelo the after-school king of Atlantic Avenue, he also teaches science part-time at 261 where Errolyn has had him as a teacher. 
Here we have Carmelo and Karen at home with their daughters Amanda, Riley and Cassidy and their bulldog Otis.

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