52 Families #24

I'm in Maine for August so the next few pics are going to be of family.  My Dad is from South Portland so I've been coming up this way my whole life.  When I was a kid I would travel from California to spend the summers with my cousins.  Lisa is the closest in age to me so she was stuck with me the most. I'm sure I was a bit of a pest but I loved it.  I loved everything about being up here with them. They had cows and horses and I worked alongside them as best I could.  This portrait is Lisa and her family now.  They live in the same 250 year old house I would visit way back when we were listening to Reo Speedwagon on 8 track in her '65 Chevelle.
Lisa, Shawn, Amanda and Daniel McDermott with Buddy
I had to post this second shot so you could see the beams of this old house.

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