52 Families #21

Today I was at the Ballard Janneys.  We met when our kids were at Cobble Hill Playgroup  but today was the first time I've been to their home.  Yes, Eli Janney is a music producer and yes, Eli Janney has DJ'd some of 261's best events but more importantly Eli Janny got me to sign up for Zipcar,  and that is an environmental must do if you live in the city!  Watch out for Weston Janney as co-vp's this coming fall at 261.

Jennifer Ballard is cool as a cucumber and just so happens to be a Physicians Assistant in Brain Surgery! What? Yes, from now on I'm calling her brains.  Please meet Jennifer and  Eli, Ryall and Ronin Janney family #21.
Ballard Janney

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