52 Families #9

David Land and I have been friends since our Art Center days when we lived together in Silver Lake.  This portrait was taken in Brooklyn but I have to say I love the flag hanging behind them.  David and I are both California natives but since we are raising our kids here  we call ourselves New Yorkers.  I'm thinking Californian New Yorker might work.  Basically in the past 20 years we have become family and now I consider Rumaan and baby Simon family too.  David and Rumaan together are a team to be reckoned with, a photographer and a writer ; they could set up their own advertising agency.  They have killer style, both personal and in home decór.  In fact, Rumaan just wrote a book with Christiane Lemieux from Dwell Studio which you should definitely check out.  This week I have decided to add an extra portrait from my time with the Land Alams.

Land Alam


Anonymous said...

OMG, I MUST have that Obama bolster pillow!!! Great photos, Heather. Brilliant idea.

Kim Jemmott said...

I feel drawn to this family in particular....great photos.