Black & White Portraits in the Glass House

Lucien Zayan

Errolyn Daley

Tad Hills


It's a bit funny to me because I took this photo of Lucien first. I said to both of us at the time. Hold on, the light is too contrasty, it's not flattering. Let's wait for the clouds to cover over and we'll have open shade. Well, dang it! I love this one now.  The other three of Errolyn, Tad and Ryan are nice but captured with open shade.  What a totally different feeling.  I have some others of Lucien that are more flattering of him but for now, I like this one which shows a bit more character.

 I took the photos because I wanted to capture something very different from what I have up now in The Glass House.

By the way this coming weekend April 11th and 12th are the last days of my show. I will be at the gallery Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 7pm so if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, stop by and say hi.

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