52 Families #43

Suzanne Warfield is tall.

Suzanne and I both attended Art CenterCollege of Design in Pasadena around the same time.  I was photo, she was illustration. Although she was a regular subject in various weekly photo assignments, our paths did not cross until we ended up living just one block apart in the same east coast neighborhood. It’s the kids I tell you, they bring the whole world together. My community has opened up in a way I just didn’t conceive before Errolyn was born. Ha ha, pun not intended. So here we are, ACCD alums, Brooklyn, kids, brilliant! 

Suzanne is a designer and spruced up my blog here at the beginning of the year.  As you can see I have been using it.  Actually, Suzanne is quite the blogger herself with Lady Warfield presents, tarts and whiskey and I'm very excited about her new blog, mommy drinks abroad.  I'm not so thrilled about why she needs to make that last one though. In January the Warfields are embarking on a journey to Hamburg for a few years.  I will miss seeing her at all our neighborhood hangouts but I do look forward to reading about her new adventures.

Please meet family #43, Suzanne, Mark, Dean and Jackson Warfield at home with Tiki

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