52 Families #37

Snow in October and family 37. When I started this crazy idea about photographing a different family every week for all of 2011 what was I thinking?! I have not exactly kept to the schedule; it’s more like 52 families representing 52 weeks.  So although technically on this snowy Saturday in October family 37 was photographed in the 42nd week of the year. Which means I have 15 families to photograph in the next 10 weeks!
Oh my, I’ve had a few moments recently when I’ve thought, I just can’t do it. I can’t do it I tell you, I simply cannot!  But, then I was at Jessica Morphew’s house with her husband Daniel and their super cute 2 year old son William and it started to snow and I was sipping a warm mug of tea and it just made sense. I have been visiting and recording and exploring all these wonderful connections, I must finish this task. Especially if I get to hang out with people like this. Jess has been such a huge supporter of my photography and me.  She inherited me from another art director, Chi Ling Moy, at Potter Craft and her continuing to hire me is such a testament of her trust in me and my work. Plus we really laugh well together and everyone knows that is super important. If you can work and laugh and get it all done then you are golden. And golden is what this family is. Love the Morphew Ridges!

Morphew Ridge

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