52 Families #14

Easter Sunday and family 14 are here!  Well, Easter Sunday is basically over but Jann Cheifitz and Tony Karon are here with their family and a lovely full table.  I learned the term J-thiest today while we discussed the history of  world religions over Brunch.  We first met Jann, Tony, Gabe and Milla  at the Breakers Motel in Montauk 2 summers ago and it just so happens we all live on the same street in Brooklyn.   Jann and Tony are both from Cape Town and have no end of interesting items from South Africa in their home.  Jann designs textiles and owns a groovy t-shirt company called Lucky Fish.  Tony is a senior editor at Time.com and writes analysis and commentary on his blog Rootless Cosmopolitan.  Here are the Cheifitz Karons.
Cheifitz Karon

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