52 Families #1

My assignment for this year is to photograph a different family every week for the year. By 2012 I'll have 52 family portraits. Hence the project title.

First up were the Gilbert Donovans. I know Liza from Boerum Hill but they moved to DC six months ago. While she was visiting Brooklyn in December we had coffee and I mentioned my idea of photographing a family every week. She was interested to have me over and have her family be first up for the project. Taking the train was a treat, I don't get out of the city often and it was a beautiful sunny January morning. I wasn't sure what my plan for the shot was going to be. I knew I wanted it to be about people in their spaces and I wanted it to be a commentary about the different people in my life but that is it. I was thinking I only wanted to shoot natural light but I brought my lights along just in case. Turns out I did use the lights for a bit of fill. Here is one of the last shots I did before I had to catch the train back to Brooklyn. I love the way the sunlight is coming into the room and my lens.
Gilbert Donovan

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